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“COUNCILS are a fraction of what other CEO groups charge with benefits second to none. Ask us about “Provisional Memberships” before you commit.”


“Wisdom Members” – 4 star Admiral, Secretary of Education under President Reagan, etc. Alternative business funding Artificial Intelligence Lead Generation technology to grow your company.

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“Since 1973, Dr. Dealey has had a 90% success rate of helping members grow their respective businesses. Be our guest compliments of Dr. Dealey himself.”

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What sets Dealey’s ADVISORY COUNCIL’s apart from other groups? Unlike other groups facilitated by “trained” or “untrained” professionals who may or may not have accomplished millionaire status in two separate industries, Dealey has. Additionally, Dealey has made this his LIFE’s WORK! He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate recently to further affirm he is in his purpose and passionate to help others succeed. Jack Canfield, Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, says “John is the world’s leading expert in his field.” Dealey is a member of several MasterMind groups that meet several times a year. For example, one in which former President Clinton is a member of. Dealey’s passion and commitment to his COUNCIL Members is like no other group and brings back that knowledge, experience, and contacts back to his COUNCIL Members. Dealey is available 24/7 to his EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS and Membership is very affordable. In today’s economic times, choosing an Advisory Board is crucial to sometimes keep the doors open in the first place. Can I trust the confidentiality of the group? Confidentiality and integrity is CRUCIAL to Dealey’s COUNCIL’s! In fact, Dealey is so committed to this, you will be expected to adhere to and sign a new confidentiality agreement at every meeting. You control the confidential information shared with others, however it is important to note, you will find many COUNCIL members have been with Dealey for 15+ years, indicative of Dealey’s integrity to keep information tight-lipped. What kinds of businesses owners join the COUNCIL’s? A wide variety of business industries compose a COUNCIL. There are male and female members each with their unique degrees of experience, resources, and talent. Are there competitive businesses in a COUNCIL? No. The real advantage is to have multiple vantage points and experiences from ALL business industries. Additionally, V.I.P. guests are never booked to a COUNCIL that may have a conflict of interest with a host. What can I expect by being a V.I.P. guest? Business attire is recommended. Feel free to bring brochures and business cards for the rest of the members. Our member relations team will help you each step of the way with head counts, answer any questions you may have, or just to establish a relationship with you so that you feel comfortable. First time guests are often nervous, which is completely natural. COUNCIL meetings commence at 11:00am with a working lunch often at a private club in the Dallas metroplex area (i.e. Park City Club). Plan on being there until 4:00pm when we adjourn, however you are also invited to attend a small mixer with cocktails between 4-5p. This is an informal time to mix and speak to those who impacted your day. While COUNCIL’s are great for networking and there is networking that takes place among members, the main thrust of your day will be for you to be fully PRESENT while CONTRIBUTING your own talents, experiences, and ideas throughout the day. Dealey will direct each segment so you will feel just as comfortable as longtime COUNCIL members who have been accustomed to Dealey’s powerful process. Expect to have a powerful and MAGICAL EXPERIENCE!


“Thank you for the opportunity to attend the ADVISORY COUNCIL meetings. It was a wonderful experience!! The people in the group are remarkable. I especially enjoyed meeting Niki — she is absolutely amazing!! You ran the meeting exceedingly well. Thank you again.” B.E.

“What a great “gold mine” session, even though I missed my own COUNCIL. I’m continually amazed to find how powerful these COUNCILS are. Imagine, others facing the same concerns and problems to which the collective wisdom from their fellow COUNCIL Members is tremendous.” B.S.

“I am doing really well thanks to you Dr. Dealey—I think your two very simple words “Stop it” have helped me more than anything. I feel a breath of fresh air and am excited to begin my journey for this new decade that my life is about to begin!!!” M.A.