Dealey’s Advisory Councils

America’s Oldest, Most Exclusive Peer Mastermind Group

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``If you want to be exceedingly successful I would recommend these things: One, know very clearly what you want and two, be a member of a Mastermind group`` - Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie, America’s first billionaire, attributed much of his success to what he called a Mastermind Group. The concept was simple: meet with a diverse group of thoughtful, intelligent peers for debate, discussion, and growth. Carnegie practiced it throughout his life, his group numbering as many as 50 at one point, and it drove him to heights unseen at that point in American history.

It’s been seen in other successful leaders throughout history. Benjamin Franklin’s junto led to the ideas that created the first public library and the University of Pennsylvania. The regular meetings of the Inklings helped to develop the great literary works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. 

Today, Dealey’s Advisory Councils puts the principles of the mastermind group, developed over time by wildly successful people, into action. Following the formula created by our founder, Dr. John C. Dealey, over a lifetime of studying the mastermind, we lead successful men and women from all walks of life to new heights in all of their ventures.

What Makes a Council Meeting?

Council meetings bring together men and women from various walks of life for a day of community, networking, and helping to solve one another’s problems with the principles of the mastermind group. You’ll meet new friends, develop contacts, and have the collected wisdom of the room work together to bring you focus, clarity, and solutions to your most pressing problems.

The Benefits of Council


Learn from experts in a multitude of fields, and have them bring their wisdom to bear on your problems.


Get involved with a community of other motivated individuals. Share in successes and grow together.


Expand your reach through fellow Council members to fling open new doors for connection.


Council members have free access to exclusive resources that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Origins of Council

Our founder, Dr. John C. Dealey, devoted his life to studying the principles of the mastermind group. Through his life’s work and the creation of the Councils, men and women have overcome the great hills in their lives to achieve what they’ve always dreamed of.

Today, his legacy lives on through his creation, the Advisory Councils. Facilitated by his wife, Niki Dealey, herself a successful entrepreneur, Dealey’s Advisory Councils use Dr. Dealey’s body of work and the processes he developed over a lifetime of studying the Mastermind to bring men and women to the fulfillment of their goals.

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