About Dealey’s Advisory Councils

Our History

Dealey’s Advisory Councils have been in operation for well more than a decade, with some members who have been around since the beginning. Founded by renowned Mastermind expert, Dr. John Carpenter Dealey, and based on the principles he cultivated through a lifetime of study, the Councils were an immediate hit in Dealey’s hometown of Dallas, Texas.

Over the years, our Councils have been home to uber-successful entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes, clergy, retired military and much more. In Dealey’s Advisory Councils, these men and women have overcome some of their steepest hills, found life-long friends, and celebrated success like they’d never imagined.

Dr. John Carpenter Dealey

Our Founder

The son of two famous Texas pioneer families, Dr. John Carpenter Dealey was a Dallas entrepreneur and philanthropist. He built a fortune in two separate industries, and he spent a lifetime looking to help enrich the lives of those around him. This work continued throughout his life until his passing in early 2018.

His heart to serve led him to study the principle of the Mastermind from the lives of such luminaries as Andrew Carnegie and Benjamin Franklin. Through his decades of research, implementation, and practice, he perfected the unique formula that powers Dealey’s Advisory Councils. His legacy is felt even today as the Councils continue to run based off of the principles and strategies he developed over the course of his life.

Our Facilitators

Niki Dealey

Niki Dealey is an entrepreneur, internet marketing guru, self-professed geek, and an incredible mind for all things digital. She’s been involved with Dealey’s Advisory Councils for more than a decade, and she carries on her late husband’s work as a facilitator for Council meetings. She brings insight, a 21st century perspective on marketing, and a feminine outlook to each meeting she’s involved in.

Ovi Alfaro

Ovi Alfaro brings years of executive leadership experience to his role as a facilitator for Dealey’s Advisory Councils. His unique blend of wisdom and analytical thinking make him an invaluable asset to every Council he’s a part of.

Charitable Giving

At Dealey Media International, we strongly believe in supporting the generations that are to come, especially those who have lost their parents. As such, we are proud to donate 10% of all of our profits to these two incredible charities:

Show Hope believes that every child deserves to have a family. They work towards this end through Care Centers to support children waiting for their homes, along with adoption aid and pre- and post-adoption support for adoptive parents. Learn more about them at www.showhope.org.

Soaring Kids is dedicated to helping teenagers who are about to age out of the US foster care system by equipping them with valuable life and business skills. This allows them them to leave the system as adults with the tools and equipping that they’ll need to succeed. Learn more at www.soaringkids.org.

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