Exclusive Benefits

Exclusive Benefits

Council members get access to exclusive benefits, adding even more value to their membership. These exclusive, members-only benefits help our members achieve their goals, conquer their challenges, and boost the value provided by America’s oldest peer Mastermind group!

Exclusive Peer Mastermind Experiences

Through processes developed by our founder, Dr. John Carpenter Dealey, our members are taught how to leverage the power of the Mastermind in between meetings. Match up with friends and fellow Council members for peer Mastermind experiences throughout their daily lives.

Wisdom Mentors for Support

Our Councils include Wisdom Mentors, special participants with a broad range of knowledge, wisdom, and expertise.

Linus Wright has served with distinction in the public sector for many years. He has served as a superintendent in both Dallas and Houston, in a statewide educational post under Rick Perry, and as a member of Ronald Reagan’s cabinet as the Under Secretary of Education for two years. His knowledge, experience, and connections make him an invaluable member of his Council.

Ed Bonneau is a Dallas entrepreneur who built his sunglasses empire from the ground up, selling door-to-door, before ultimately acquiring the Foster Grant brand and subsequently selling his brand for $21 million in the 90s. His experience in growing a business is unparalleled, and he brings an expertise in sales and acquisitions that is incredibly valuable to many of his fellow Council members.

Guest Speakers

Dealey’s Advisory Councils often feature guest speakers, much like many organizations. Unlike the others, though, the guest speakers for Council are always exclusively curated. They’re always relevant to the lives of Council members, always speak to their issues, and add direct benefit to areas impacting our Council members.

Exclusive Lead Generation Services

Members of Dealey’s Advisory Councils have access to exclusive lead generation services that aren’t available to the public. Members have access to the services of a certified conversion specialist and lead generation guru to generate leads for their vertical. Each member has exclusive access to their vertical and geographic area, ensuring that their leads are unique and of uncompromising value.

Private Funding Sources

Members of Dealey’s Advisory Councils can access the Council’s wide net of connections, developed over the course of decades, to provide access to exclusive, private funding sources.

eCommerce Revenue Stream Option

For our members that are in a time of transition or just looking for alternative income streams, Dealey’s Advisory Councils offer exclusive eCommerce revenue stream opportunities. Leveraging the expertise of Council facilitator, Niki Dealey, members can set up consistent online revenue streams using proven tactics.

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