How It Works

How It Works

Learn what goes into an Advisory Council meeting

The Anatomy of a Council

Dealey’s Advisory Councils are tightly-structured events designed to allow you to get the most out of your experience at each and every meeting. Wrapped around a catered lunch and closing out with cocktails and networking, the Council experience includes three core elements that help you to achieve your goals.

Each Council offers two distinct levels of membership, Professional and Executive:

  • Executive Members are our members that have been successful in their field for many years, bringing a wealth of wisdom to the group alongside the larger, unique challenges that come along with this scope of business.
  • Professional Members bring vitality, energy, and fresh perspective to their Council, and are able to glean from the wisdom around them.


With different membership options, that there’s a membership level available that’s a perfect fit for your experience, budget, and current challenges!

The Main Mastermind

At each Council meeting, one of the Council’s members serves as the Host. The Host will give an in-depth presentation, discussing one of the great challenges currently facing their business or organization. Once that’s done, each Council member, in turn, will give their insight on the problem, culminating in advice from our facilitators. 


In addition to each meeting’s main Mastermind, members have the opportunity to work through Mini-Mastermind sessions, as well. Members with pressing issues will have the opportunity to quickly describe what’s going on and receive advice from those among their fellow members best equipped to help.

Paying It Forward

Every Council member brings something to the group at each meeting to enrich one another. It could be a piece of advice or news from your field to help your fellow members, a good book that you’ve been reading, or a small, physical gift. This practice helps each Council to grow together.

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