“What a great “gold mine” session, even though I missed my own COUNCIL. I’m continually amazed to find how powerful these COUNCILS are. Imagine, others facing the same concerns and problems to which the collective wisdom from their fellow COUNCIL Members is tremendous.”


“I appreciate being a member of Dealey’s ADVISORY COUNCIL since 1999. Very often I am invited to attend a meeting that ends up being another networking or sales group – but this group is unique. The COUNCIL is a group of business owners that understand and share problems, opportunities and responsibilities. Being a CEO means there is no peer group or disinterested parties within your company so it is difficult to get feedback or views of your own organization. To be able to channel this collective intelligence is incredible. The feedback is unbiased, challenging, and allows for a top-down view of your business.

You are an amazing guy Dealey – energetic, focused and giving. Quite often you have been able to pull together resources from both inside and outside of the COUNCIL to assist me and other COUNCIL Members. You are an “invisible catalyst” and have helped me to learn how to keep proper perspective 24 hours a day. You have become a key mentor to me.”


“With all of today’s demands it is imperative to make effective use of our most precious resource, time. Fortunately for me, I accepted your offer to participate in Dealey’s ADVISORY COUNCIL which I found to be a powerful and unique forum for business professionals to help one another create success, while expanding ones own personal knowledge and network. Being a management consultant myself, I naturally took a critical look at the approach used to capture and focus the wisdom and expertise of professionals from diverse backgrounds for the purpose of creating value and I was duly impressed. John, thank you for the rare opportunity to participate in the COUNCIL I very much look forward to our next meeting and all of the possibilities that await. In summary this has been an excellent use of my time!”


“Dr. Dealey, you are AMAZING! I’ve been in lots of groups since 1985, but NEVER have I experienced the power of a COUNCIL! What I most appreciate about you is that you didn’t laugh at how big I was dreaming. You walked alongside me, going toe-to-toe with me, despite my fears, my doubts, and my obstacles. You kept my own dream alive when I couldn’t hold it even for myself and yet I made it because of you! I wouldn’t have had the very lucrative offer from a MAJOR company were it not for your wisdom, your heart, and the way you assemble COUNCILS for all of us to win!”


“Thank you for the opportunity to attend the ADVISORY COUNCIL meetings. It was a wonderful experience!! The people in the group are remarkable. I especially enjoyed meeting Niki — she is absolutely amazing!! You ran the meeting exceedingly well. Thank you again.”


“Incredible, I must say, having hosted my first meeting I now even more fully appreciate the value provided. Every meeting I’ve attended over the last several months has provided a wealth of insights and practical ideas. In fact, in the last twelve months I have implemented no less than five of those ideas.

You might be interested to know that I’ve recently completed an analysis of the economic impact of these ideas. Conservatively in the last twelve months they reduced my expenses by 3% (which is over $50,000), increased sales by 5% and has produced a positive, tangible but unquantifiable impact on morale and productivity. We estimate that the meetings have increased our bottom line by no less than $100,000.

Though now that I’ve hosted my own meeting, I believe these last twelve months will be nothing compared to the next twelve. Thank you. I expect to be involved for many more years to come.”


“I am doing really well thanks to you Dr. Dealey—I think your two very simple words “Stop it” have helped me more than anything. I feel a breath of fresh air and am excited to begin my journey for this new decade that my life is about to begin!!!”


“When I first heard about the ADVISORY COUNCIL, I assumed it was the same concept as a similar organization I was in several years ago. While it is similar, YOU focus on helping the members of your COUNCILS with heart!. I think you really try to be a friend: someone I can talk to about things that I can’t discuss with many other people.

I was a little overwhelmed at the first meeting. I was asked for input from people I did not know and about problems that I did not fully understand. I am still not completely comfortable with this process, but as I get to know people better, I am confident this will change. Plus, you believe in the process, and I have grown to respect your opinions.

I have only been in the ADVISORY COUNCIL for three or four months, during which time I have attended about three meetings. I usually leave the meeting with at least one or two ideas. I also presented one “Mini-MasterMind” and got a few incredible ideas. I think a great deal of the benefit from the ADVISORY COUNCIL comes from developing relationships with you and the other members. This will take time, but I have already benefited tremendously from my association with you.

When I first attended a COUNCIL meeting, my business was (and still is) experiencing a down turn. There have been times during this particular down cycle that I have been at the brink of giving up and quitting. John, you have been there to listen to my worries and talk me through them. You have given me a “shoulder-to-cry-on.” You encourage, motivate and ask questions and help me think through the challenges. In addition, sometimes you simply call to check on me, see how I am doing, and try to lift my spirits, or suggest what to do with a particular situation.

CEOs deal with a lot of different people in different roles. While it is important to be honest, you also have to present the right image as a leader, boss, or shareholder, etc. I can talk to you openly, without worrying about some other role you play that could come back to haunt me if I say the wrong thing. What an asset!

Over the last 17 years, I have built a $12,000,000 business. You and your ADVISORY COUNCILS may very well make the difference between this business continued success or failure. Like I mentioned above, I have been very near the point where I was ready to give up. Without you this might have already happened, and that would have been a monumental mistake. I would have thrown away 17 years of work, and negatively impacted the lives of the people who work for me.

With you, John, I know that I have someone to call that will listen, help if you can, and encourage me to continue to find a way to achieve my goals. Thank you for inspiring me to be, and do, my best.”


“Like many people, I rarely stop and take the time to thank those who are important in life and in business. Today I want to take time to thank you for my many years in the ADVISORY COUNCILS. You first caught my attention when you visited my CEO Network six or seven years ago and you spoke about Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind concepts and how you utilize them in the ADVISORY COUNCILS.

Being familiar with the Mastermind concepts, I thought it sounded like an excellent idea worth exploring. When I visited my first meeting, I can remember how overwhelming the power of the group was for the person presenting. Collectively, the members were sharing intimate details of their companies with other like-minded leaders. Many problems were discussed and many solutions were offered. Your facilitation kept everything right on track.

After joining, my first real problem that I brought to the ADVISORY COUNCIL process was an expansion plan for my company to open an Austin facility by acquiring an existing company that was for sale. At the time, all I was looking for was a confirmation for what I was ready to do – to buy the Austin business.

By discussing my strategy with the fellow COUNCIL members, it became very clear that we were not ready for any type of expansion. I walked out knowing that I should not move forward. Soon thereafter, it became obvious that it would have been a large mistake. The way I look at that meeting – I saved at least $50,000 by not doing the deal! That solidified my decision to belong to the COUNCIL on a long-term basis.

The relationships and friends I have made through the ADVISORY COUNCIL are priceless. The men and women I have met truly believe in the power of helping each other reach their highest potential, both personally and professionally. I consider the ADVISORY COUNCIL one of my most valuable resources. Every owner should have a group they can trust like the one I belong to with you.

It is with great pride that I tell my friends about the ADVISORY COUNCILS. You approach your clients and their businesses with an open mind and good heart. If they own their business, I tell them to go visit a meeting and experience first-hand what I am talking about. The ideas that are shared in those meetings truly assist everyone’s decision-making. Thank you again for the ADVISORY COUNCILS.”


“When I received the first invitation to the ADVISORY COUNCIL several things came to mind. At first, I was curious as to what an ADVISORY COUNCIL really was. I also wondered how or why I had been selected for a group that was doing some kind of “advising.” I felt honored that someone actually thought I had some value to share with other like-minded people in an advisory capacity. But I was also somewhat skeptical.

As I attended my first ADVISORY COUNCIL meeting I was impressed, awestruck and could not believe I was actually surrounded by the events that were happening. For me, this was a meeting of a type of group that had existed only in my imagination for quite some time. I thought such a forum might be out there somewhere but had no idea how to find this kind of organization, who to ask, or what exactly to ask for.

Through the collective intelligence of those at the ADVISORY COUNCIL meetings, I learned ways to solve some of my business problems that were not really projects. I developed ways to approach them as projects in order to overcome the issues preventing my success. The ADVISORY COUNCIL process is a fabulous way to network with a group of people at your own level who have only your best interest and well being in mind. There are no hidden agendas and no political reasons to not be open, honest and helpful with each other. Knowing that I can truly express myself with no strings attached is the greatest benefit of all. I consider the ADVISORY COUNCIL one of the most valuable tools I have ever come across in over 20 years of my professional life.

And on a personal note, John, you have a heart of pure gold. You provide each client with devoted personal attention. You have been available absolutely every time I have called upon you and always have so much wisdom that perfectly matches the current situation. Thank you for introducing me to the ADVISORY COUNCILS. I am truly thankful for them and you.”


“A colleague sponsored me into the ADVISORY COUNCIL by saying that it was one of the premier executive groups in Dallas. She was especially complimentary when describing you and her understanding of your influence on the members of the individual councils.

The first impression I had was that the meetings were run well. The format was productive and the membership represented quality professionals at the top of their games.

My experiences with the ADVISORY COUNCIL since joining have instilled resolve in me to be more aggressive in raising funds to capitalize my business. The COUNCIL also provided me with an improved network of local business professionals that help develop our company’s relationship in the business community.

The ADVISORY COUNCIL has improved my confidence in our company’s message, offering, and value to our target markets. I have become more focused on activities directly related to revenue generation and make no excuses when begging off on activities that are diversions. The meetings offer Chief Executives a collegial environment for peer review outside the formal leadership role one plays in company culture. It is refreshing to not have all the answers and to lean on accomplished professionals for advice on threats and opportunities facing our company. The process is productive in its underlying structure: case study followed by question and answer followed by comments and advice. And the recording of the peer review comments on tape is a wonderfully effective way of creating a lasting treasure that can be called on over the years for refreshing insight into business acumen.

John, you are a genuinely caring and generous person who wants to be at the crossroads of great success for your clients. You bring an extraordinary wealth of experience, perspective and tools to bear on your client’s professional and personal challenges and opportunities. You are unique in business today in that you are genuine in your value and principal based approach to personal and professional development. John, your care for your clients and that single-minded agenda permeates all of your actions and is a testament to your words of the same.

Knowing you and believing in your spirit and intention has impressed upon me that you are an accurate reflection of the light and truth that we all aspire to shine in our lives.”


“Winston Churchill was an avid subscriber to the belief that letters of encouragement sent to those people that are critical in our lives is a must do activity. In the spirit of following Churchill’s lead may I offer a few words of encouragement to you John for all the good work you have fostered through the ADVISORY COUNCILS. I can remember very vividly my first meeting with the COUNCIL many years ago. At that particular meeting the challenge voiced by the host was not his challenge at all rather his personal challenges needed immediate attention and the group would not politely soft pedal the message the host needed to hear. The hard hitting and often self-effacing comments by the other business people made clear that this group was a different type of association and one that I could not afford to miss.

Since that first meeting I have hosted several times and what stands out is the notable maturity I sense in myself. I directly attribute my improvement as a leader to the power of the group that is always present at the meetings. The COUNCIL is amazing in its ability to drill down on my blind spots and offer various ways to think about my situation and better ways to “slay the dragons.” John your skillful approach keeps the meetings on track and meaningful to all involved. I suppose should you share this letter with prospective COUNCIL Members that a word or two should be shared about the economic benefits.

Let’s just say that last year my company made a significant profit and I was advised by my CPA to take out what amounts to more than twice what I have been making over the last many years. Our enterprises have multiplied and recently we set up our own finance company bringing the total enterprises we have to seven. Please note there was only one when I joined the COUNCIL. We have fewer employees since that time and our sales exceed $30,000,000.00 (and counting). The amazing part is my approach to work is healthier and I am closer to my family and staff. I even sleep better too!

Our COUNCIL has subsequently provided deepening friendships with “like and kind” entrepreneurs wanting to be the best they can be. Many of our group has formed a Leaders Bible Study hosted by another member at our facility. The combination of the COUNCIL and the Bible Study has forever changed my perspective for the better. Just ask my family and employees.

Know that those you serve love you!”


“I had always wanted an outside Board of Directors for my company, but could not see how I would ever be able to accomplish this due to company size and economy. When you first presented the idea to me, the ADVISORY COUNCIL sounded like a good possibility.

On my first visit to an ADVISORY COUNCIL, I was impressed with how intent and willing everyone was to participate and how “from the heart” his or her recommendations and responses were.

My first problem presented to the COUNCIL was a recommended source of cash management in lieu of a bank’s line of credit. The COUNCIL presented several solutions, resources, and I am using all of the suggested methods now.

The relationships I’ve made during the year I have been in the ADVISORY COUNCIL have made me more confident in business and life. I now have a new group of friends that will help me through any situation. And I tell my longtime friends to join the ADVISORY COUNCIL as soon as possible.

John, you have an amazing talent for keeping a room full of exceptional people focused, on schedule and happy. The ADVISORY COUNCIL is a must for a sole ownership operation and is an incredible assistance to all others.

The greatest benefit I have received during my time with the ADVISORY COUNCIL has been the new friends and fellowship that have been created. Thank you for the opportunity to make my dream of having an outside Board of Directors for my company come true.”


“Prior to meeting you and attending an ADVISORY COUNCIL, I knew nothing about either, except that, being a Dallas resident, I was acquainted with the prominent Dealey family name.

A friend of mine and I were discussing the fate of a mutual acquaintance who had some problems. My friend said the acquaintance became involved with a powerful group of people who changed his life. I told my friend, “I want that, too.” A few weeks later, I received an e-mail with your contact information.

During our first conversation you mentioned the ADVISORY COUNCIL and said it was difficult to describe. I remember you saying it is like having one’s own private Board of Directors. Your challenge to me was that I must see it to understand it. I was intrigued, of course. More than that, though, the motivating factor was the depth of the focused conversation I had with you during that first telephone call. I thought it strange that I was so immediately willing to be forthright about my life and my business with a virtual stranger. In some sense, it seemed to me that you weren’t a stranger. When I attended my first meeting, I quickly realized, and it was obvious, that you commanded the absolute trust and respect of every person in attendance. I can think of no stronger commendation.

For some time, I fantasized about being involved in a comfortable, collegial, consortium of business persons committed, not only to personal and business excellence, but also to listening, advice and counsel on a genuine basis. My fantasy was that this group would somehow be apart from, yet a part of, my own business life. When I attended my first ADVISORY COUNCIL, I knew this was it. I couldn’t believe such a group was in existence. Where had I been? I told you that you would have to get a court order to keep me from being a participant.

My first problem solved through the ADVISORY COUNCIL was that, before the meeting, I was mired in a negative process of understanding the problem. Needless to say, I was stuck. I quickly learned, and am learning, to focus, and to stay focused, on solutions.

By participating in the ADVISORY COUNCIL, I’ve experienced a 180-degree change in myself. I feel a strength, a confidence and a clarity I have never felt in my 32 years of business life. The impact is an “inside job” for me, which has beneficially impacted my partners and my family.

Thank you, John, for introducing me to a way I can participate in a real personal growth process in which I not only have complete confidence, but also is fun at the same time.”


“To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the offer to join one of your ADVISORY COUNCILS. The individual that referred me to you told me they were a type of peer group made up of CEOs who shared experiences and wisdom together. I was intrigued when I received the personal profile offer and I was hooked when I saw the level of personal involvement that you took in going through my profile discussion with the consultant.

When I actually attended a meeting I was completely floored at the level of openness and honesty that people exhibited. It is unusual to see people who have ascended to the CEO position open up themselves to such blunt and honest critique by people they knew only on a professional level.

As a newcomer, this group has been a blessing to help me actually meet peers who were trying to solve the very same problems that I was facing on a daily basis. The personality profile was very insightful for me and helped me to understand my management style better. The group meetings have helped to reinforce the idea that there are many different answers to the same problem and often there is no “right” answer.

Through the ADVISORY COUNCIL I have developed professional/business relationships with several fellow members and have turned to other members for advice and council on business issues. On a personal level, it has helped me to better understand my personal management style and critique my own decision making process.

When I recommend the ADVISORY COUNCILS to others I tell them this is a good way to develop introspective analytical habits. Personally, I have started to think over some of the decisions I make each day in the framework of how decisions are analyzed in the COUNCIL meetings.

The ADVISORY COUNCILS are a valuable tool in my business. I use the skills I learn from the COUNCIL meetings in my everyday business life. Most CEOs are taught along the way up the ladder of responsibility that they must shoulder the entire burden of difficult decisions. My interactions with the ADVISORY COUNCILS have made me aware that it is okay to seek out help and accept the criticism of others who have “been there – done that” before me.

Without a doubt the greatest benefit of the ADVISORY COUNCIL is my greater self-awareness when making decisions. I have learned the art/skill of seeking out help to tackle difficult situations and in sharing the load. John, you have taught me the importance of caring about other people’s problems and the blessings that you receive in return.

I am constantly amazed at your ability to personally interact with each member of the various COUNCILS and your gift of relating on a human level with the issues that CEO level executives face every day. You are one of only a few people that I have met in the 20 years that I have been in the business world who genuinely care more about other people’s success more than your own. Thank you for your help, friendship and encouragement.”


“The first impression I had when hearing of your ADVISORY COUNCILS was it sounded like a useless bunch of guys, sitting around having a nice lunch. I figured it would be a waste of my time. Nothing could be that good. But I agreed to attend one meeting as an invited V.I.P. guest. To be perfectly honest, the main reason I showed up was because the meeting was being held at The Ballpark in Arlington and I had not been there yet and wanted to see the new facility.

When I arrived I realized the host of the meeting was talking about real problems in his business that I also had. He was sharing intimate details about the difficulties he faced that most would never reveal to others. I saw the value of the ADVISORY COUNCILS right away. These people were tearing the meat away from the bone and giving each other their best wisdom in a straightforward way.

Being an executive is like walking a lonely tightrope. You don’t ask for help because you don’t want to seem like you don’t already know the answer. The ADVISORY COUNCIL allows me to truly express my fears, goals and desires in a private, confidential setting with other executives who are experiencing or have experienced the same level of difficulties and successes. And by developing and nurturing friendships with my fellow members outside the COUNCIL meetings I have also gained a vault of extremely valuable information that is now available at my fingertips.

The COUNCIL is a tremendous source of contacts. I couldn’t meet those kinds of people in years. There is no time. But the COUNCIL gives me relationships and assets in my back pocket for whenever I need it. And if no one in my COUNCIL can help with a specific problem then all I have to do is turn to you, John. You are an amazing source who never hesitates to help. You are plugged into all the COUNCILS and it seems like your primary source in life is to assist others. Your tireless commitment to connecting executives with one another is beyond impressive. I know I could not get this type of advice and “counsel” anywhere else.

Please allow me to thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful COUNCIL.”


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