Why Join?

Why Join?


At the heart of Dealey’s Advisory Councils lies the collected wisdom of our Council members. Each Council member brings years and years of experience to the table, and each is an expert in their field. Some have been accomplished businessmen for decades, and bring a broad wealth of knowledge to help tackle almost any problem. Others are specialists in their field, covering legal, digital marketing, finance, and much more!


When you’re a part of Dealey’s Advisory Councils, you feel like family. Many of our Council members have been a part of their Council for well more than a decade. We’ve grown together, experienced heartache and jubilation alongside one another, and earnestly want nothing more than to see the members of each Council be successful.


Each Council is filled with members from all walks of life and a diversity of fields. As such, membership gives you an opportunity to network outside of your usual circles. In addition, every Council member has their own network of contacts, giving you reach to fields and people you might not have otherwise had. It’s an amazing thing to hear one of your new friends say, “I know just the person …”

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